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About LifeStyleTV
LifeStyleTV is located in Skåne, Sweden and can be seen all over Scandinavia via the THOR 5 satellite, or on Canal Digital’s packages. Resources are also available worldwide via the internet.

LifeStyleTV is a 24x7 Christian-based lifestyle channel, covering the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life, offering a wide variety of lifestyle programming appealing to the whole family. Programs include: health, cooking, exercise, seminars, music, nature, sermons, family issues, children’s programs, interviews, talk-shows, Bible-studies and more.

What viewers say
"I really like most of your programs, and especially the ones by knowledgeable and enthusiastic preachers and lectures addressing medical and theological questions.

"There are many good programs about health and cooking. Some of the American programs are also good like "Mind the Gap."… I want to thank you for the channel that brings me so much."



"A few months ago I happened to zap in to LifeStyleTV by mistake and got stuck… Since then my life has drastically been changed. Gone are the cigarettes, unhealthy food (almost), superstitions, fables, and lots of other junk I had in my backpack."

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