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What activities are usually done at a LifeStyleEXPO?
Activities at each station:
Sunlight – Blood pressure test
Nutrition – Cholesterol and glucose test
Air – Lung capacity test
Exercise – Harvard step test
Water – Two glasses of water
Rest – Chair massage
Temperance – Body fat test
Health age – Health age test
Trust – Counseling

A typical 3-5 day LifeStyleEXPO generates:
• 250-1000 visitors
• 10,000-20,000 invitations
• 30-60 volunteers

Who runs the LifeStyleEXPO?
The health expo involves health professionals and non-medical volunteers from the community who are interested in healthful living. The latter undergo a short training program on the principles of a healthy lifestyle and the different activities offered at a health expo.

LifeStyleEXPO is a non-profit event and there is no charge for the visitors.



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